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5G Private Network – Driving 5G Edge Network Computing and Connectivity

5G private networks pave the way for new business models, services, and applications. They enable digital transformation across various sectors, including emergency services, autonomous mining, smart manufacturing, unlocking opportunities for mission-critical applications with increased bandwidth, enhanced security, and low-latency communications

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O’Prueba and Lanner Electronics join forces to launch a 5G uCPE/FWA solution.

O’Prueba Technology and Lanner Electronics announced their collaboration to provide a 5G uCPE/FWA solution to meet the demands of 5G field deployment. With 5G ‘s high bandwidth and low latency characteristics, how to achieve cloud-edge collaboration, as well as the integration of network transmission and application, will also become a key concern for enterprises.

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Lanner Edge AI Appliances Powered by NVIDIA® Jetson Platform

Integrated with NVIDIA AI accelerators and pre-validated with AI solution partners, Lanner provides industrial-grade Edge AI appliances that enable video analytics solutions with specific requirements for low-latency, high-throughput, and/or power efficiency in reliable and mission-critical applications. These NVIDIA-powered Edge computing appliances, including deep learning inference servers, computers, acceleration modules and AI starter kit, can process multiple video streams in real-time on a single device, while securely transmitting curated metadata and insights with robust onboard network connectivity.

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The NCA-1220: Compact And Robust Edge Security Gateway And Virtual CPE

Lanner today announced the NCA-1220, a compact desktop network platform powered by the Intel Atom C1110/C1100 Processor, codenamed Arizona Beach.

The NCA-1220 is compact, powerful and delivers robust hardware computing performance for small and medium businesses, retail, branch offices and for other edge security applications when it is deployed as a network edge security gateway and/or virtual CPE.

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