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Accelerating AI-driven Edge Computing for Infrastructures

A Smart City is a well-connected infrastructure that constantly and intelligently interacts with the environments, things, and human beings. At the scale of a city, punctual data processing and smart service delivery require accelerated and coordinated Edge and Cloud infrastructures. Likewise, continuous growing and metabolizing infrastructures demand rapid implementations, elastic workload orchestration, and a GPU-Accelerated methodology.

Integrated with GPU and pre-validated with AI solution partner, Lanner industrial-grade Edge AI platforms enable Smart City solutions with specific requirements for low-latency, high-throughput, and/or power efficiency in reliable and mission-critical applications. GPU-accelerated Edge AI appliances, including deep learning inference servers, computers, acceleration modules and AI starter kit, can build the smart city infrastructures efficiently and economically.


  • MV Library & System SW
  • MV Lighting
  • Video Cards & CVS
  • Data Ingestion & Analytics


  • Markdown Optimization
  • Customer Service Routing
  • Promo prioritization
  • Ad Targeting


  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Adaptive traffic control systems
  • ADAS


  • Smart Locks & access control
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • ALPR
  • Video content analysis (VCA)


  • Agriculture Robots
  • Crop & Soil Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics

Edge AI Servers

Lanner provides server-grade Edge AI inference servers with multi-core processing, integrated BIOS security, GPU acceleration and scalability. Integrated with Intel Xeon CPU, massive storage and PCI-E expansion for GPU acceleration, these high-performance servers are designed for parallel processing power required in the most sophisticated AI machine vision and deep learning applications. 



  • 2U Rackmount Edge AI Server with 2 x GPU expansion


  • 1U Rackmount Edge AI Server with 1 x GPU expansion

Rugged Edge AI Appliances

Lanner provides full range of rugged edge AI appliances designed for mission-critical applications, such as vision analytics, machine vision and traffic monitoring. With unique ruggedized design required for different industry, Lanner deep learning inference AI platforms features AI-optimized processing, wide operating temperature, LTE/5G connectivity and rich I/O interface.


  • Acceleration with PCIex16/M.2 AI Accelerators


  • Acceleration with Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX SoM


  • Acceleration with Intel xPUs & M.2 expansion

Edge AI Starter Kits

Lanner Edge AI Starter Kit aims to deliver an all-in-one platform composed of AI-accelerated hardware and application-tailored software to accelerate time-to-market AI deployment at the industrial edge, such as vision inspection, predictive maintenance and operator monitoring.


  • Nvidia NGC-ready Edge AI Appliance with NVIDIA® T4 GPU


  • PTCRB certified Edge AI Appliance with Hailo-8™AI Module

AI Acceleration Cards

Lanner offer swappable AI acceleration cards designed for GPU acceleration and video transcoding. These module features onboard Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU to optimize high-volume video delivery and AI-based video data analytics at the edge, without streaming large volumes of data to the cloud that leads to higher overheads in network bandwidth and power consumption.


  • HEVC Video Transcoding Module with Intel® Core i7 (Tiger Lake U)


  • Edge AI Accelerating Module with NVIDIA Jetson® TX2 Processors

Use Cases

Edge AI Appliance For Traffic Infraction Prevention
Protecting Critical Infrastructure Using Network Edge AI Platform
Video AI Computing Platform Enables Real-time Thermal Screening