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Enabling AI Compute and Connectivity for Smarter Transportation

Today’s intelligent transportation is evolving with AI-based edge computing technology to enable a smart, secure and efficient method of mobility for everyday life. As a leading hardware solution provider, Lanner provides full range of rugged compute platforms designed for edge AI computing and communication in various vehicles, from electric smart bus, self-driving trucks, to subway and maritime transport. With unique designs for applications in the transportation industry, Lanner AI-based edge platforms features industry-leading reliability, shock/vibration resistance, wireless connectivity and rich I/O interface.

Electric Smart Bus

As a central control computer for electric buses, V6S connects various devices to offer intelligent services to drivers/passengers and communicate with the control center.


AI Driver Monitoring

Route Optimization

Passenger Surveillance

WiFi Hotspot Sharing

  • 10x PoE (supports 5x PoE+)
  • 2x COM, 4x USB, CAN Bus
  • LTE/WiFi Connectivity

Self-Driving Truck

Lanner offers Intel Xeon-based edge compute server as the brain for L4 autonomous trucks. With best-in-class performance and reliability, these perception/prediction computers empower complex AI algorithm to analyze data from sensors, cameras, LiDAR and send instructions to the car’s actuators.

  • Intel® Xeon® Sky Lake Processor
  • 10G Connectivity, 4x NIC Modules
  • GPU accelerator support

AI-Based Traffic Monitoring

Lanner rugged edge AI-ready platforms enables traffic flow analysis, vehicle counting, license plate recognition and driver/pedestrian behavior prediction, generating tremendous but volume of real-time data that can be relayed to the traffic control center for proactive responses with almost no latency, preventing infractions and potentially saving lives.

  • Support Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
  • 4x PoE, 4x USB3.0, 6x COM Ports
  • Nvidia T4 GPU support

Maritime Networking

Lanner maritime network appliances link and manage multiple wide area network (WAN) by integrating VSAT with L-band satellite communications and mobile networks, for more redundancy and reliability of connections.

  • Dual 2nd Gen Intel® Skylake SP
  • 4x NIC Module Slots
  • Swappable Fans & Redundant PSUs